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Welcome to PBFC UK

We specialise in providing all businesses with straight forward hassle free business finance solutions.

We are a business finance broker that provides customised business financing when you need it most.


Here at PBFC, we recognise the impact cashflow can have on a company's goals. When additional funding is needed, you as a business owner must often act swiftly. We make every attempt to make any finance application procedure as simple as possible. We offer every aspect of commercial financing with a panel of over 70-lenders, so we can meet all your funding needs.

Obtaining an unsecured commercial loan does not have to be a time-consuming process with reams of documentation. We can assist you in obtaining financing for your company needs thanks to a faster underwriting process and a trusted network of lenders.

We are business loan brokers who specialise in delivering quick company loans with exceptional service.


Why Choose Us?

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We endeavour to provide the highest level of service time and time again, delivering professional financing knowledge with accuracy, care, and dedication at all times.

Assured Accuracy, Care, and Diligence

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While banks often take weeks or months to approve short-term funding, PBFC can have the funds in your hands in days — without disturbing your current banking ties.

Opportunities don't have to wait because of our quick and flexible service.

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Because we are an independent, corporate financier, our personalised customer service is unrivalled. We take care to guide and assist you from the start to ensure that you receive the correct financing solution for your business based on your exact requirements.

Bespoke Personal Service

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Banks provide financing based on previous performance and present assets; we, on the other hand, look to the future and the prospects that await you.

The challenges of today's funding do not limit tomorrow's growth.

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This is Invoice Financing so not sure why it is in one of the boxes on the homepage?? In this box which is headed Because of our speedy service, opportunities and responsibilities do not have to wait. I like the header but the message is confusing? It should read, We take away the hassle of finding the right funding in a speedy, professional and diligent manner, meaning opportunities for growth in the business is supported by our work and expertise.

Because of our speedy service, opportunities and responsibilities do not have to wait.

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Our Services

Asset Finance

Our flexible Asset Finance solutions allow your company to buy or refinance equipment like cars, office furnishings, hardware, construction, and machinery.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance is a financial solution that allows you to access the value of outstanding client bills before they are due, which can help you grow your business and save time.

Development Finance

We offer cost-effective options for both experienced developers and those wishing to get into property development for the first time.

Bridging Finance

Our leading Bridging Finance solution allows you to swiftly produce short-term cash flow in order to secure a property or fund construction projects.

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Get in Touch

We're here to help and answer any question you might have. We'd love to hear from you.


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